Hey, It’s Kowsar!

A bit of history- I started coding when I was 20 as a hobby. Started with HTML/CSS, then JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and CodeIgniter and so on. Then I met WordPress and fell in love with it. Gradually it became my passion to develop WordPress applications. Eventually my career path led me to contribute in different areas in the startup environment.

I’m a perfectionist, I prefer quality over quantity. I think it’s better to make a small product with little bugs rather than a big product with a lot of bugs. And I hate technical debts, I have a tendency to fix the technical debts as long as it doesn’t cost the business much.

Starting from 2019 things started moving very differently for me, with lots of ups and downs in life. I got married, responsibilities upgraded, started to explore things more, gathered more knowledge about the startup ecosystem and involved more in business strategies. People say I’m good with ideas (by people I meant my subconscious mind 🙂). Currently I’m working with an amazing team in a startup where we make awesome products.

I love sleeping, in my free time I’m either sleeping or browsing random things on the internet. I spend my weekends with family and friends. I’m a learner, I like to learn something new always. Lately I’ve taken up some new challenges out of my comfort zone, let’s see how it works out.

Want to have a little chat with me? Buzz me in!