Hey, It’s Kowsar!

I’d like to call myself as a Web Developer. Basically I’m a WordPress Developer (for now) living in Bangladesh. Developing WordPress application is my passion.

My journey with WordPress started in 2013 and since then I’ve worked with a lot of cool projects. So the question is, How much do I actually know about WordPress?

Well, I don’t know everything obviously but…

  • If you need a theme or plugin built from scratch
  • Need heavy customization on existing themes or plugins
  • Need to create an API based plugin
  • Need help with Ecommerce(I love WooCommerce) or social networking or forum site
  • Need to optimize the speed of your site
  • Need to increase security of your site
  • Need to fix any complex issues of your site (oh I love problems, I’m a problem solver)
  • Need free suggestions regarding your WordPress site (yes free, you heard it right! I like helping people. But trust me, I’ll not code for you for free 🙂 )

…then, I’m your MAN!

Currently I’m working with an amazing team where we make premium WordPress themes and plugins. Before that I worked for a few companies and clients where I had to make WordPress themes, plugins, fixing bugs and blah blah blah.

I love sleeping. In my free time either I’m sleeping or browsing random things on the internet. Recently I started learning AI/ML in python and hopefully I can do something cool with it soon.

Want to have a little chat with me? Buzz me in!